I started taking Brie’s classes because I wanted to apply for a traineeship in the U.S. I liked her immediately. The classes are varied so that I could improve all relevant aspects, such as grammar, vocabulary and understanding. She has a great feeling for language and gave me very helpful tips for my application documents. Furthermore, we had a lot of inspiring conversations on a broad range of topics and she taught me a lot about American culture and everyday life. The application was successful and I am extremely grateful for Brie’s support. I continue to take classes and would also highly recommed them to anyone!


Brie helped me write my CV in English.  I´m a native Portuguese speaker.  My finished CV was creative and really well written.  I started to get positive responses, from places I sent it to,  immediately.  I´d definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with their English CV!


I studied with Brie for almost one year and half. My English is more fluid, I understand the conversations more easily and my vocabulary is more rich. Now I´m able to have a conversation in English for a long time. She was adapting all the time the classes to my particular needs, for example when I traveled to EEUU, we focused on specific vocabulary and the different ways  of  pronunciation. The most important for me was that with Brie, I learnt more easy and faster.


Brie worked with my two daughters for the past two years. She is really good with children; funny and creative. They had a good connection from the first day.  And what is more important, she has helped them to improve their English a lot. They are definitely speaking better and more fluently, with much more vocabulary. She is, moreover, so reliable and professional.


I went to Brie because I had a job interview.  She helped me learn a lot of new vocabulary.  She also helped me prepare and gave me a lot of confidence with my English.  When I had my interview, I remembered the things Brie told me.  I am Spanish, and I got the new job in Ireland.  I would tell people to have classes with her.  She helped me a lot.


I am a doctor from Brazil and Brie helped me improve my English.  I learned a lot of new vocabulary and she helped me with my grammar.  I can understand English a lot more.  I told my friends about her, because the classes were relaxed and fun.  I’m glad I chose her for my teacher.


I went to Brie to prepare for my English exam.  She helped me improve my writing a lot.  I learned a lot of new vocabulary and all the help with the writing helped my speaking.  I did very well on my exam and I thank Brie a lot.