How My Classes Work

Classes will be based on your specific needs.  If you are preparing for an exam, or preparing for a job interview, or just want general conversation, classes will meet your specific needs and level.

The first class is a “getting to know you” class.  I ask personal questions to get you comfortable speaking with me.  I make no corrections the first class.  I just listen for problem areas that will allow me to assess your level.   I’ve  found that my students are more relaxed talking about things familiar to them.  So, the first class is relaxed, and I promise we’ll share some laughs along the way.

Beyond the first class, we will address grammar issues, introduce new vocabulary, work on intonation and many other parts of English, to ensure you improve your overall English usage.

I will send files needed for classes through Skype, or email, if you would prefer.  If you’re interested in work beyond the class, I also give homework for those students who are interested.

Depending on what types of classes you are interested in, some tests will be given, to allow you to see your own progress.

I ask that all my students  have a notebook and a dictionary, to help them through the classes.

*24 hour class cancellation notice. Classes may be rescheduled, within the same week, if my schedule permits. If classes are unpaid and cancelled with less than 24 hr notice, students must pay a penalty of 8 Euros or 11.50 US Dollars, half the price of a 1 hour class, before their next class.

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