All About Me

Photo 2689Hello, everyone.  My name is Brie and I am from New York City.  I have always had a great love for English and now greatly enjoy teaching others.  I am TEFL certified, and have been teaching English, to students from different countries, for the last four years.  From engineers, to doctors, to students, to professors, to consultants, I´ve taught a range of  people, from many professional fields. Before that, I worked in a pre-school, and ran an English lab.  Teaching has always been a part of my life,  in some way or another.

My mother is an award winning ESL teacher, and luckily I’ve gotten many inside tips from her.  I’m passionate about learning, and love nothing more than to instill that same kind of passion in my students.  I challenge my students, and want to constantly motivate them, but we also laugh a lot in my classes.  I find humor goes a long way in the learning process.   I have experience with children and adults, teaching test preparation, job interview training, to general conversation.  Whatever your English problems are, I can help you overcome them, with humor and encouragement.


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